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Working at Home – Escape from Your Computer

All dedicated computer users probably understand what it is like to be really engrossed in whatever computer activity we might be involved in and unable or unwilling to stop even momentarily. However it is important to understand how seriously unhealthy it is not to get up regularly to rest the pressure that is being put on your entire skeletal system.

You really need to get your circulation going by moving around. This can take the form of short walks around your house, or some type of stretching exercise. It doesn’t have to be longer than a few minutes every hour or two but should definitely not be ignored.

At the same time you should be aware that your eyes need to rest as well. There is one exercise that involves looking at something as far away as possible (out a window for example). Focus on that for a few minutes. Your eyes will not be stuck at whatever distance is between you and your computer monitor. You can also alternate this with just closing your eyes for a few minutes to rest them.

None of these suggestions are remotely close to ‘slacking’ – they are necessary to maintain your good health. Look at it like if you were in too much back pain to work. Your neck is stiff, your lower back is painful, and you are not able to stand it after a while and must take time off to recuperate. This represents lost productivity and consequently income in addition to ruining your health.

If you do abuse your spine, one thing that is very effective and much healthier than pain pills or even OTC pain remedies is to get an ice pack – Ideally one of those that usually has a blue gel and is reusable indefinitely. It lives in your freezer and you take it out and use it for not more than 20-minutes on the same spot off and on.

Three more tips you should be aware of to alleviate some of the strain on your lower back that comes from too much sitting, etc., are as follows:

#1 Employ some sort of a footstool (a phone book works). You will feel right away how you are more comfortable not straining;

#2 Be sure that your computer keyboard and mouse are exactly in a straight line with your hands. This means no reaching up or down and straining your wrist and neck;

#3 Your monitor should be exactly at eye level – again this is no straining to look up or down. It should naturally be straight ahead.

If you want further information – just Google ‘ergonomics’.

Starting a Home Business – What Could You Use Extra Money For?

People usually need a tangible reason to add more effort to their lives. That is unless you are one of those folks that doesn’t have much motivation and are happy with whatever you have. Your day job income seems sufficient and that is all that is necessary at this point.

fix it!
So maybe someday you realize that something essential to your life is not immortal. Maybe you notice how many miles are on your car or how the tires are starting to look dangerous. Hopefully this will motivate you to realize that you could use some extra money. Actually in the case of your safety it is way more than ‘could’ use. You need to do something as soon as possible to protect yourself and your family.

If you have any credit you can use in an emergency, that can be ideal. However credit is far from a perfect solution. This is because you not only have to pay the money back but you will pay interest which will make whatever it is much more expensive if you just make the minimum payment. You can mitigate this situation by paying more than the minimum payment due but this doesn’t seem practical since you are already stretched making the minimum payment in an emergency situation.

As with most things it is better to be prepared in advance. This would mean you have a savings account or some kind of a ‘buffer zone’ where you can turn when something unexpected arises that could not and should not be ignored. Problem is you are not prepared. The answer is to get prepared as soon as you can. One way to do that is to start a part-time home business where you put all of the income earned from that into a savings account.

Believe it or not it is very easy and inexpensive to build an online business. Do a little research searching with terms such as ‘home business’ or ‘work at home’ and you will see some business opportunities that it would be simple to start. You will likely spend a small amount of money on membership fees or advertising, but if you look at this logically it is much more productive than putting that same little small change into a piggy bank; it has a chance to produce more putting it to work in a business.

Develop an Online Business Today – Uncle Sam can Help

Did you know that if you are a US citizen that the IRS will allow you 4-years to make a profit on your home business? During this time you may file deductions for any expenses incurred even when there is no profit. However, after 4-years if you have still not made any profit, they will then look at your business as a hobby and will no longer give you any deductions.

taxes can be your friend
That really sounds more than fair and as though our government wants us to accomplish something more than usual. There is a whole laundry list of possible deductions you may claim if you use your home for business, whether full or part-time. Be sure to check the IRS website thoroughly yearly before filing your taxes, because the regulations do change.

Ideally you will have a source of income during the 4-years where you are attempting to start a home business part-time. You may pay regular income taxes for that income as you normally would and that too helps with your bottom line. The rules are a little more strict for this situation, for example they require you not only to have official home office space but the room needs a door so it is not used for anything else.

If and when your home business did grow to be an official source of income, you don’t need the door. Some of the things that would be deductible from the inception would be a percentage of your rent or mortgage according to the square feet actually used for the home office. As well, a percent of most utilities would be deductible as a % of expenses spent on your business.

Be absolutely sure that you have every single shred of paper that would be construed as a receipt for any of your deductions. Very simple to maintain if you start out and remain organized. Print them out and put them in a folder or leave them in a designated folder online. You can also print out statements from your bank(s) and payment processors, carefully indicating exactly what they are for.

The key is to remain organized and scrupulously honest from day 1. Don’t’ be scrambling around trying to find things at the last minute and possibly have to file without the benefit of a deduction you can’t document.

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