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Online Business – Never Burn Your Bridges

Not all people will always agree on every point and for that matter may vehemently disagree on many things. We are all different and that is the way we are the same. Diversity makes the world more interesting. With that said grudges are something that doesn’t need to exist and in fact make life complicated and ugly.

just get along

No matter which side of the fence we may be sitting on in a disagreement or confrontation, we need to learn how to negotiate and collaborate. At the very least we need to ‘agree to disagree’ and respectfully move on or change the subject. We are not forced to agree or to change our point of view although it would be an additional advantage to the relationship if we were able to admit we may be wrong.

You never know a year from now if you are faced with a wonderful proposal to start a new project or business and there is your nemesis! If your past argument ended on a friendly note, then there may be a chance that one or both of you forgot what the confrontation was even about. At the least it won’t matter and you can try to work together and maybe even laugh about it.

On the other hand if it ended on the ugly side you probably need to move along and find some people to work with who you have more in common with? This can prove to be very embarrassing and will limit your chances. It would also be very disappointing to you (maybe both) if you realized on the spot that a possibly great opportunity will be missed due to some petty argument in the past.

This is just another reason to always keep an open mind. Do not ever limit your options by being stuck to a way of thinking that cannot be changed no matter what the logic may be. Sometimes it is much easier to consider the other person’s point of view and unless it is something so radical as to be in your opinion morally or ethically repugnant, at least think about it and be gracious in your refusal.

Get a Major Clue – You Have Things to Do

How long can you really put off doing what you know you need to do to keep your home business running and healthy? Will you wait until it needs artificial life support? This could cost you big time if you want to rescue it. It would seem a lot smarter just to do what you know you need to do.

just do it!
This really means building momentum by being fairly aggressive with your marketing and advertising. No money? Find another way. Get smart and use your blog. Whether or not it is a part of your website, or even if it is only linked. Be sure to do one or the other so that it will draw targeted traffic to your lead capture mechanisms.

Just as important if not more so is to compel the search engines to index your site and start to give you a ranking so that people can see your links when they search.

Spend a little free time doing some new keyword research and make some swipe files so that you have a ready list of keywords to use in your blog posts, articles, ads, etc. It is time well-spent and again it is absolutely free so no excuses about no resources.

If you are really seeing a deficit in traffic and sales then you may even consider doing some ‘old school’ free things like posting a few text ads and/or banners in traffic exchanges. Even though they may have a low conversion rate, spend the time. One sale is better than none and could actually eventually represent something substantial if you find a good prospect.

There are numerous bulletin boards and other places you can place ads if you really look for them. This includes simple things like adding a link under your signature when you post to a forum or social network. Again they may not have the greatest conversion rates but it beats doing nothing and may actually lead to something because you have got to do what you have to do, one way or the other.

Home Biz Issues – Don’t Become a Cyber Potato

When working your home business, be sure to put in some breaks.

One of the most healthy things you can do for your brain and your body is to get up out of that chair you seem to be glued to and take a walk. Even if it is one block you will get your circulation going. Seriously it is very important that your circulation is not being cut off from sitting too long. Other very important health issues are your eyes, your wrists, and your lower-back.

sit straight and get up!

You need to rest your eyes. You can either look out the window or somewhere in the distance for a few minutes so as to train your eyes that they can see further than you keyboard. You may also prefer a ‘cat nap’ – just to close your eyes for a few minutes and rest. Eye drops for ‘dry eye’ and other uncomfortable eye conditions (burning, red, etc.) may help you as long as you don’t overdo it and get sufficient rest. Your monitor should be eye-level – again – not up and not down but straight ahead.

With the wrists the issue is repetitive motion and the position that you hold them. Your hands should be level with your keyboard – not up and not down – straight ahead. The same goes for your mouse which can become painful especially if you lean forward to use it – it will be a pain in the neck and/or shoulder literally.

For your lower back if you have something as simple as a phone book that you can keep your feet on it will help immensely to lessen the stress your lower back is feeling from too much sitting. There is nothing better than getting up out of the chair hourly or so to just move around and circulate. If it is not convenient to take a real walk, just walk around your home business office.

However you should definitely make time for at least a few real walks. Especially after you have eaten a meal there is nothing more unhealthy than sitting down all cramped up. So really try to take at least a short walk after meals. Maybe even do the dishes would at least be standing.

You may laugh at ergonomics and all this and cop a cavalier attitude about your health. Chances are someday you will see what is really happening and hopefully it won’t hurt too much and you will still be able to sit at your computer to work.

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