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Loving Working from Home

Most people, whether they realize it or not are ‘freedom-loving’. Working from home is a great example of being able to have a life that is free. Not that you can shirk your responsibilities or that you don’t have to work, but it is just the whole dynamic that allows you to be free. It starts with the minute you wake up in the morning. You are not forced to get up at a certain time and rush around madly to get somewhere on time.

love working at home

When you work from home you are free to get up when you wake up. You can then calmly get ready to begin your day in a relaxed and pleasant way. You may have a plan for the day, and maybe not. As long as you realize your priorities and one of the top ones is earning a living. There is a little trick to this and that works only with consistent discipline and motivation. Your business can’t be an after-thought.

You can structure your day around some outside activity since you are free to work the hours you feel are preferable at any given time. So some days you may want to work a little in the morning to cover your bases and see what is going on and then escape. You would come home ready to complete your work day and might work for a few hours or more to get everything done that you need to.

The point is it is up to you and your life is flexible. One of the worst things about a ‘j-o-b’ are the rut-like characteristics of being required to show up at an exact time, leaving at an exact time, etc. If you are working from home you have the freedom to make every day slightly different. Maybe work straight through until done and then close up shop for the day. Maybe stay out all day and work at night.

Seriously if you work at home you can look at the clock as 24-hours – any part of that can be work time where you devote 8 or more hours to your business. It just doesn’t have to be all jammed up into that little 8-hour window you have to get everything done when you are living in a rut.

Of course you have seen all the ‘work in your pajamas’ ads on the Internet. Yes you can, but it gets old pretty fast. You probably want to take a shower and get dressed even if it is into a clean sweat suit or other comfortable ‘casual wear’. Shoes are optional!

There are many circumstances where you can work from home. Many businesses allow ‘telecommuting’ and if you explain the environmental benefits to your employer they may agree to let you work from home at least part of the time. There are freelance opportunities if you have skills that you can sell to clients online, for example copy writing or Internet marketing tasks. The easiest and fastest way to get a business started from home is probably to become an affiliate marketer.

With the affiliate marketing model, you can join a program and they will provide a web page and other resources to help you advertise their program in exchange for earning commissions. You can earn money for referring people to the business opportunity or by selling their products and/or services. You can get started immediately and start building in your spare time while you plan on ‘retiring’ to work from home on a permanent, full-time basis! There should be no contracts or commitments beyond month-to-month so it is easy to try different things until you find something just right for you.

Part-Time Work from Home

If you are currently employed either full or part-time and need to make some extra money, or you unexpectedly have become unemployed, part-time work from home may really help you. While you are looking for a full-time job you have some hours in the day where you could devote to building a part-time income from home. In addition to the money you can earn, you will also acquire new skills and confidence from doing something on your own.

part-time work

If needing extra money is not a temporary situation, a part-time income from home can work nicely – a lot better than having two jobs to go to. Just compare if you had to jump from Job A to Job B with the double commute, the time constraints, etc. It is much more convenient to just go home as usual after Job A and relax. Then you can turn the computer on and start working again.

In the current economic climate it may be a good idea to start a home business if your only reason is to start saving money for an emergency. You may be doing ok living from paycheck-to-paycheck like the majority; however if something ‘extra’ happens like large medical deductibles, car or other large appliance failure, you should be prepared.

It is much better to know you have something to fall back on should something happen than to have to go into debt that may take you several years to dig your way out of. By the same token, it is always the right time to be focused on paying off your debts. Just having the ability to make more than the minimum payment due, you will be very surprised how you can get past debt and stop paying interest. If you ever want to be shocked awake, go add up all the interest you are being charged for your various debts while you have no choice but to make the minimum payment.

The other horror to keep in mind is how in the last recession millions of people lost their entire life savings, real estate, investments, etc. This can happen to anyone. These poor people worked all their lives and did all the right things to save for retirement. However now they are 65 and looking for part-time work just to get by. So there is another group that would benefit greatly from starting up a part-time home business to ‘squirrel away’ some extra cash.

There are many possibilities that you may consider to start a home business online. Believe it or not they do not have to cost a lot of money. You may be amazed to find many resources on the Internet to help you start your business with little money. You just need to look at the search engines and ask just about anything to find an answer.

Seasonal Work from Home Projects

It seems charmingly ‘old-fashioned’ to give homemade gifts on the holidays. There is so much more ‘soul’ to it somehow versus buying something. If you are someone who enjoys making things then you may also like the idea that you can earn some extra money making gifts from home for the holidays.

give a gift basket

There are many, many ideas that lend themselves to this possibility. You may want to start planning for next year and be all prepared a few months prior to the holidays. You can make, give as gifts and sell various things if you like to bake or cook. For example you can make cookies, candy, cakes, and/or jars of sauces or jam, and package them up attractively in gift baskets.

If you choose food gifts then you may want to include related items that they will keep after the food has been consumed. For example if you had a cookie gift basket you could pack it up with a festive cup and include a few packets of hot chocolate, coffee or tea to go with the cookies. Or you could display your cookies on an attractive holiday plate that they could keep.

If you like to make other things like candles and/or soap, there are many very cute ideas for gift baskets that can include matching scents. This gift is also appreciated as it is a little bit of a luxury that people may not afford themselves and they would love to receive something special like this. Again you can pack your basket with related items such as candle holders, soap dishes, wash cloths, incense, etc.

There are many more ideas depending on how much you like and are good at arts and crafts. Also even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you may be able to put together a basket that is completely comprised of ‘already made’ things – for example a writing kit that could include little tablets or note cards, together with some pens and maybe a small book of poetry.

Whatever it is you decide you would enjoy working with, you need to figure on the costs of materials and of course where you will get them. With some of your personal gifts and possibly all the gifts you make to earn money, you would need to figure out how to ship the gifts and this would include safe and secure packaging so that you are not delivering cookie crumbs by the time the gift arrives.

You want to figure your costs and then some profit and come up with a price list that includes shipping charges. It is very simple to start a blog and advertise your gifts especially if you can make some pictures of your baskets. Then of course you need to promote that site so that you will get customers.

Also very simple to use Paypal.com as your payment processor as it is trusted and you can set up the account free to accept most major credit and debit cards. They even have the ready-made payment button you can put in your ‘widgets’ on your blog sidebar.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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