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You’ve Got to Do What You’ve Got to Do

It’s rather a bummer when you realize you really don’t have collaborators or ‘partners’ as much as you thought you did for your business. You realize this when it becomes clear that they are almost never there for you and you really don’t have any support – even when you are trying to support them. You begin to feel like an old shoe.

Keep it Real
The thing is that you still have to take care of your business whether or not there is support. That is if you care about it. I can imagine that realizing nobody is there for you really takes some of the joy out of having a business where you thought you had a partner. So really don’t let it stop you from your progress when this person fails you repeatedly.

You do have to wonder – if this person is spoiled, entitled, or just plain selfish? Maybe he is telling you he is not interested in the business anymore. If he doesn’t have the decency to discuss this with you and just leaves you hanging, then you should definitely bring it up. Get it all out on the carpet. Maybe it is just his ego where he can only act on his own demands.

Somehow he feels intimidated when you make a suggestion and his ego won’t allow him to lower himself even to help you when all you are doing is trying to help him. It’s a pretty sickly premise for having a “partnership” If you can’t even discuss some basics that will improve the business.

While you may not be in a position to just walk away and forget about him – shouldn’t be hard since he is never really there anyway. However as they say if you can’t change something all you can do is change the way you deal with it. So decide which way you want to take the situation. Stay and try to make the best of it. Accept that he will probably not change.

Or not – just let it go. Pick up your marbles and go home. Find another partner or even a new business. Of course do make an effort to resolve your issues on your way out the door. Make it clear why you feel you need to do something different.

Start a Home Business to Earn More Money

Just about everybody could use more money than what they have. In fact it seems like the more you have the more you spend, right? Well, ok, normal but it may also be a good idea to stash $5 in savings each time we get a little extra. In fact we should create extra just for savings. Whatever else you are able to earn, then that could be for anything you need or want.

Extra Money
It may seem boring to see the word ‘savings’ right when you were all excited about the prospect of having ‘mad money’ (money you have been living without but which would be nice to have). It may also have occurred to you how boring it is to know you have agreed on an annual salary for your current job and nothing will change that sooner.

At the best you can put forth extra effort in the hope that you will be recognized and your salary will increase next year. You may also shoot for a bonus on your next performance evaluation. Depending on your manager’s opinion and the politics and financial health in your company, you may or may not see any of the above – maybe again – next year.

So what can you do other than find a better job? You can take control of your own finances and start a home business to earn more money in your spare time. You can give yourself a promotion and a raise every month because you are your own boss. You make the decisions for better or worse.

The truth is it takes very little money if any to start a business online If you have a computer and an Internet connection you have a potential business. You can even start out with free affiliate programs to learn the trade. You could perhaps start a couple for free and then decide which one is the most likely to succeed. It may cost you a few dollars (dinner out) to upgrade that program so that you can earn more money.

The best part to this is not just the extra money you will eventually have. The best part is the feeling that you will have because you are in charge and are going the extra mile to see more out of your life.

It may take a little effort and time for the income to become substantial. If you can keep your motivation up high, you will see that the more effort you invest over time, the more extra income you will have created. Someday you may even be able to quit your boring day job and work from home full-time online!

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